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Gold Plating Manufacturer – Do they offer pure gold jewelry?


Unless you are living under a rock, you might know a Gold Plating Manufacturer. In a world of zirconia and marcasites, people have begun to admire gold-plated jewelry. No matter how much affordable the marcasites are, when it comes to gold-plated jewelry, everyone melts down. But there is a twist. Like all the glitters is not the gold, all the gold is not the glitters either. The gold-plated jewelry has other metals beneath the surface. It is the reason gold-plated jewelry is not that expensive.

People have a lot of misconceptions about Gold Plating Manufacturers and the gold plating process. If you are one of those people or someone who does not anything about accessories, this is just where you should be. We have answered all of your questions. So sit back and know all about gold plating manufacturing in no time.

Gold Plating Manufacturer – Do they offer pure gold jewelry?

Gold Plating

Who is a Gold Plating Manufacturer and what does he offer?

If you think the golden accessories you are purchasing are real gold, you are wrong. A lot of us come under the attraction of fancy golden jewelry. Little do we know that it is all folk? That is, the Gold Plating Manufacturer covers the accessories with a thin layer of gold. Originally, the makers make these accessories from alloy. Then, they add the gold on top through the process of electrolysis.

The makers add gold to give a shiny and beautiful appearance to the accessory. They do this by the electroplating process. In a beaker, they hang a positively charged electrode on one side and a negatively charged metal on the other side. Next, they pass the electric current through it. Then they wait for ions and other chemicals to show the magic. After a few hours, a thin layer of gold starts to form on the metal.

You might be wondering why some of the accessories are more expensive than others. Although the Gold Plating Manufacturer applies the same process, why does the price differ a lot? Well, it is because of the thickness of the plating. Not all metal accessories have the same thickness of gold over them.

According to the thickness of the gold, the US Federal Trade Commission has categorized the jewelry pieces. They have established two types of categories. The one with 0.5 microns and the other with 2.5 microns. The stunning gold accessories that have a 2.5-micron plating are heavy gold plated accessories.

Gold Plating

This is why they cost a hefty price. On the other hand, the one with the thin layer does not cost a lot. This is why people call them gold-flashed or gold-washed. These accessories easily tarnish and their beauty of them easily fades away. Moreover, they are more resistant to corrosion. But because of the gold above, they look as shiny and beautiful as the heavy gold-plated ones.

If you go to an experienced Gold Plating Manufacturer, you will always get amazing quality. However, if you go to a manufacturer with less experience and knowledge, you might lose your money. As easy as the process sounds, it is a hassle to execute the process of electrolysis. That is, the manufacturers need to set up a large workplace. Moreover, they have to take every measure to reduce the chances of errors. The Gold Plating Manufacturer with less skill set cannot execute the process effectively.

Simultaneously, as a customer, you are paying a hefty price. Hence, it is your right to demand the best quality. Thus, whenever you choose the manufacturer, make sure he knows how to do the work. But how would you know that? How would you know if the manufacturer is adding pure gold or not? Above all, here is the general question, Do they offer pure gold or not?

Here is do the Gold Plating Manufacturer offer pure gold jewelry or not

The answer to this question is yes and no. Do not get confused. It all depends on the Gold Plating Manufacturer. The experts, who have to retain their customers, give pure gold. These are the high-end shops that are positioned to make the best quality gold. This is why they usually attract the elite niche. But the market is an abyss. Many manufacturers do fraudulent activities. They deceive the customer by adding the gold alloy. However, there are a few others who want to make the accessories cost-effective.

Gold Plating

That is, they do not add pure gold on purpose. They want to attract every class and make their jewelry accessible to everyone. Therefore, they do not add the pure form of gold. Nevertheless, the alloy is as good as pure gold. That is, it gives the same shine and durability. It is also very long-lasting and does not corrode easily. The quality, however, differs. The Gold Plating Manufacturer who offers pure gold is not widely available. Thus, whenever you will go to a random manufacturing shop, they will always offer an alloy.

The gold-plated items, although, do not have pure gold, are cost-effective. Moreover, they are versatile. You cannot make different designs from pure gold. But when it comes to the alloys, you will spend hours choosing the perfect ones. They are also not as soft as pure gold. Thus, you will work with the hard material easily.


To sum up, a Gold Plating Manufacturer can offer both, pure gold and an alloy. It depends on your budget and what you have to choose. However, if you are looking for one, it is always recommended to go for the experts. Both the accessories, with pure gold and alloy, have the stunning look. Moreover, they both look deluxe and delicate. So if you think gold plating is a scam or a fraudulent activity, you are wrong.


Do you trust your Gold Plating Manufacturer? Do you think they are offering pure gold or not? Even if you have doubts, you are in the right place. We have unleashed everything you need to know about gold plating and its manufacturers.

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