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7 Tricks To Polish The Silver Girl Jewelry

Tricks To Polish The Silver Girl Jewelry.

 silver girl jewelry

Jewelry is an essential part of accessories that finishes the beauty of women and  Silver girl jewelry charm has become more popular over recent years.

Not only beauty but the silver girl jewelry also puts positive effects on our health. Silver jewelry plays a vital role in our lives. But the silver jewelry losses its shine with the time. Most of the jewelry is polished or mixed with other metals to protect the silver.
As silver is the transition element and gets oxidized when it combines with the sulfur of air and turns its color into black. Not only oxidization, but it will also losses its shine if it gets contacted with any perfume or any other kind of spray.
If you wanted to keep your jewelry shiny and polished, you should properly take care of it.

Here are some tricks to polish silver jewelry.




silver girl jewelry                
The best way to polish silver girl jewelry or any silver item is to put all the silver items into a bowl of appropriate size filled with distilled water and add a little vinegar into the water. Now cover the piece with a lid and leave it soaked into the water for a few hours. Then put 6 tablespoons of baking soda into to bowl for every 1 cup of vinegar. Then leave this mixture for 2 hours. Now take all the items out of the bowl and rub it with the soft brush, then rinse it with the clean water and dry with the cotton or a piece of a soft cloth.



silver girl jewelry

If you wanted to sparkle silver girl jewelry or silverware, you have to use a simple trick. Take a medium-sized bowl and an aluminum foil, fill it with the hot water, and put all silverware into the bowl, then add two tablespoons of any detergent and then cover the bowl with the foil.

Leave the silverware soaked into the water for at least 15 minutes. After that, rinse the silverware with the distilled water and then air dry.



silver girl jewelry



Tomatoes can not only put taste to your tongue, but it can also help to sparkle the tarnished silver girl jewelry. Firstly make the juice if fresh tomatoes and then squit a little amount of juice onto the soft piece of cloth or a paper towel and then rub over the tarnished area until the silver gets shinier. Use the brush to clean the area between interstice. Then rinse I with the hot and clean water and air dry.


Silver girl jewelry

Hand sanitizer is used to clean germs. Not all the sanitizer, but using alcohol-based sanitizer, it acts as an excellent polisher for tarnished silver girl jewelry. Squid a few drops of sanitizer over a cotton cloth and then gently rub over the tarnished area. You will get the results within 15 minutes. You can also spray glass cleaner on a piece of soft cloth or brush and use it to clean tarnished silver girl jewelry. You can be able to restore the glint of silver jewelry.


To take back the shine of the tarnished silver girl jewelry, immerse your silver jewelry into the bowl containing a juice of any citrus fruit like lemon or orange and add a little amount of soda into to bowl, for half an hour. Rinse and dry properly.  One of the best methods to restore tarnished silver jewelry shine is to use the lemon-lime method. As lemon is acidic and acid can helps to remove the tarnish of silver jewelry. Just fill a bowl with hot water, mix five tablespoons of soda, and a cup of lemon juice. Leaves the silverware into the bowl for one hour. Rinse it with the clean water. 






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