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Engagement rings of celebrities


Are you curious to know about the topmost expensive engagement rings that celebrities have worn? If you’re someone who’s always updated about the entertainment industry, you might have at least one celebrity that you look up to. A person that’s your role model, famous people do end up being somebody’s icon for life.

Usually when they have more positive qualities to them than negative ones. But has this been to the extent that you’d want at least some part of them to be exclusive with you? Mostly during the most important moments of your life. An engagement is one of those times as it’s a time when you are committing yourself to your partner. What’s a better way to add your icon to your most crucial day than to take some inspiration?

Yes, you can surely design your engagement ring according to your favorite celebrities. Rich and famous individuals never hesitate to spend money on things, especially at their most special moments. Since you’ll take some of their designs, you should know how much it cost them. Therefore we’ve gathered all the top best engagement rings of celebrities that would put anyone in awe of their beauty. Just contemplate all the designs and see what works best for you.

Engagement rings of celebrities

Engagement rings

Best celebrity engagement rings ever

If there’s someone who knows how to pick the most expensive extravagant engagement rings on the planet, they are celebrities. Being famous and rich is a deadly combination that is a recipe for some amazing and top-notch jewelry. From Megan Markel’s elegant ring from Princess Diana’s collection to Hailey Beiber’s engagement ring, you’ll only find the best.

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most awe-inspiring, lush engagement rings that celebrities have ever owned. Skim through all the details and find the one with the most worth.

Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring

If you haven’t seen Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring from 2019 then you should know. There’s absolutely nothing like it. The ring is quite huge with a simple emerald-cut solitaire that has been rumored to weigh at least 15 carats. It’s not that hard to believe as it’s J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez is former baseball players. You’ll certainly do a double-take once you see the size of the stone.

It’s a little hard to believe how celebrities can handle such precious jewels they have to wear every day. The ring has boosted its value by 1 million dollars since it has a unique spark that ignites the clarity within. Even the color adds up to its worth due to the glowing hue it presents. You can always expect celebrities to splurge on jewels like these.


Engagement rings

Megan Markle’s engagement ring

If there’s one couple that made headlines for their engagement and then later on for their royal controversies, it’s them. Prince Harry and Megan Markle have been the center of many news channels and entertainment blogs quite a few times. One of the things that had a separate fan base was their all-time favorite engagement ring. Something that the Duke himself works on with Cleave and company to make a unique precious ring.

With its three-stone-diamond design and decent spark, the ring deserves all the spotlight in the world. The ring has a very stylish yet sophisticated feel to it that surely goes with the royal code. The ring weighs 6 carats with a value that goes up to $350,000. Now, this is an amount we don’t see anyone spending every day. That’s what you get after making a customized one-of-a-kind diamond-infused engagement ring.

Cardi B’s engagement ring

When it comes to wearing and flaunting it, Cardi B’s never one to back down. From a thousand interviews and pictures, you can tell that the engagement ring is probably worth a lot. The ring has a decent size with a pear-shaped center stone that is the first thing your eyes would fall on. The stone is surrounded by half a halo of white diamonds and the half being pink. Since pink diamond is one of the rarest diamonds in the world, we can tell that the ring is in its premium league.

It’s extremely glowy with a spark that can be judged even from a hefty distance. As we can tell from the ring itself, Cardi B mentioned in an interview that the ring was worth half a million. However, it’s still not confirmed whether the ring is set in platinum or white gold.

Engagement rings

Kim Kardashian west’s engagement ring

Our favorite engagement ring is Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring courtesy of Kanye West. It is one of the greatest-looking engagement rings out there. It’s a Lorraine Schwartz creation with a breathtaking cushion-cut diamond style that screams magnificence.

The center stone is in the design of an intricately shaped D with a type 2A rock. It is attached to a pave band that is quite thin and slender in size that is covered in diamonds that twinkle and sparkle. The overall design isn’t all that flashy and is worth every penny of your money if it looks like that on your finger. But obviously, all those people who are within the budget wouldn’t be able to afford a ring of such design.


Man, did you get whiplash from all these costs or what? Let’s be realistic for all of us hardworking individuals who are on a budget. We can never afford engagement rings like these, but we can still work something around it. Just look through all their designs and choose which ones you like the most.

Get a custom-made engagement ring according to these designs but in the most minimalistic manner. If you don’t want everything to be huge and sparkly, go for something simple yet elegant. It depends on your taste, if you prefer something flashier than that, then you can surely come up with something. It’s all about finding what works best for you. You can never compromise on anything like that. You’ll certainly be good to go!

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