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Give a special gift on the anniversary with jewelry


Gifting jewelry on the anniversary is the perfect go-to gift you can ever get for your loved one. Anything that symbolizes the love and commitment one has for their partner would work on anniversaries. Nonetheless, jewelry hits differently, it has the spark and the meticulous appeal that can charm any spouse. If you’re worried about what to get your partner for this very commemoration, just remember, that jewelry is the right way to go.

No matter how choosy your partner is, they’ll have a hard time saying no to a precious piece of jewelry. Sometimes it’s about the gesture, other times it’s about the piece that you present with all your love and might. Despite it all, you need to make sure that you don’t pick out just any jewelry. Get something that has the value and quality to get your message across. Something that blares “ you love the person and never want to let them go”.

Nothing speaks romantically than a meaningful message such as this.
It is important to present your gift according to the milestone you’ve achieved on your current anniversary. This way you’ll be following a traditional pattern that would bring excitement into your relationship. It’ll be a way to look forward to all the memories you’ll share in the future! So here are some tips you should follow before gifting something to your significant other.

Give a special gift on the anniversary with jewelry anniversary

1st anniversary:

Now on the first anniversary, things are still new with all the added excitement of your future ahead. The perfect way to describe that is through gold jewelry. Gold is very traditional and represents the time you’ve spent together and the future you’ll be looking forward to.

2nd anniversary:

For the 2nd anniversary, garnet is one of the best jewelry. It has the means and the looks to make this 2nd milestone in your relationship a successful one. Garnets can be found in many colors. But red garnet has a unique charm, it pops out and gives a big statement if used for the right occasion.

5th anniversary:

Fifth anniversaries are pretty special, they show the love and devotion you have for each other. The five long years are a sign of loyalty and truth, which means you are in for the long haul. For this, sapphires are the way to go. They are precious and durable, just like your relationship. No other gemstone can relate more.

10th anniversary:

Now for this, diamonds are deserving of such a tremendous occasion. It will be a definite reminder of the eternity of love promised by you on the day of your marriage. It is quite traditional to give an infinity ring or an eternity one. This way you can show the qualities you’ve achieved so far in the relationship.

20th anniversary: anniversary

Are we going to leave out the 20tha anniversary gift, I think not. No matter the circumstances, 20 years of commitment are a big deal to many. For 20th years you’ve held on to this love, breaking through many obstacles along the way. This means you get the ultimate gemstone jewelry of all, an emerald! Emeralds are the most stunning stones and will be the perfect gift to prove the longevity of your relationship. Now that we’ve mentioned all the major tips for your anniversary, it’s time to reveal the most special jewelry gift you can get your loved one.

Ross-Simons Emerald and Diamond Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Ross-Simons is the go-to jewelry brand for all your jewelry needs. It never disappoints you in terms of quality and design. The brand provides a trustworthy service, always keeping its customers’ needs first. I assure you, any kind of jewelry design you want, has it. This is why you should not only trust the brand’s word but ours as well. It brings maximum customer satisfaction with its high-quality, uniquely structured jewelry items. Coming towards the jewelry itself, this emerald and diamond pendant necklace has it all.

The first thing you notice when you lay your eyes on this stunning piece is the emerald pendant surrounded by diamonds. These encircled diamonds signify the beauty of the emerald that showcases commitment in one’s relationship as mentioned before. It’s a 4.40-carat emerald and .24 t.w. diamond single cut piece with a sterling silver chain. The piece will last a very long time as long as you keep it in a safe, chemical-less environment.


– The emerald and diamond pendant necklace has an affordable price which makes it perfect to get on an anniversary. You save money and get the most special gift of all.

–  It comes prepared in a gift presentation box to make the whole ordeal that much more valuable.

–  It has a 30-day 100% payback warranty to put you at ease.

– Since it’s manufactured with sterling silver, be sure to take extra precautions in storing it in a safe place. This way it will prolong its durability.


Final Verdict:

Jewelry may be a perfectly balanced gift for an anniversary, but the gesture matters the most. You should know anything would suffice as long as it’s coming from the heart. Nothing beats a gift that arises from all the hearty effort you’ve poured into the result. You might be the bearer of many screw-ups but one thing’s clear, your partner will accept you despite it all. So now that you’ve been enlightened with all this new knowledge, don’t waste time on stupid stuff.

It is also important not to be overwhelmed by the number of choices present in the market. Because eventually, that will be your downfall and failure which you don’t want. So you have two choices either get your head in the game and search through all jewelry brands to find the “one”. Or choose our choice of gift which is the Ross-Simons Emerald and Diamond Pendant Necklace.

Meta Description:

Anniversary gifts can be tough to find especially jewelry. We’ve highlighted some of the very best tips for this very reason along with the most perfect anniversary gift of all! don’t miss out!

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