Welcome to the final part of ‘How to choose your perfect swimsuit or bikini.’
In the last article, we will continue with tips and tricks on how to choose your ideal
swimsuits. Hope you enjoy it!

sure how sexy you are!

If you are one of those with a very feminine and curvy silhouette, swimsuits
and bikinis in neutral colors are an excellent complement so that your curves do not
seem too exaggerated. Avoid visually fattening patterns, such as horizontal stripes,
large moles, very striking drawings or colors, and opt for basic or neutral tones, such
as nude or chocolate, the latter ideal if you are already brunette. If what interests
you is to hide the belly a little you can do it using a high waist brief or a swimsuit
with a V-shaped neckline or with a halter neck, which will make your chest look
more stylized and enhanced and, therefore, will deviate attention to your neckline.
The best type of swimsuit for a curvy body is a model with vertical stripes is perfect
for making your figure slenderer.
One tip: if you opt for a bikini, choose panties with a rather low waist that is
not excessively large. Make sure that it covers you well, but that is not overly large,
since, contrary to what we can think, these types of models usually create the
opposite effect and draw excessive attention to your hips.

STRAIGHT BODY: Flat chest has its own charm!

With a slender and slim silhouette, you have the opportunity to innovate and
fill your swimsuit closet and, especially, bikinis with frills, bows, fringes, puffs, prints,
and original and striking colors, everything you can think of to attract attention and
enhance your figure. Also, use top parts that have some padding or cups with pads
because it makes your breast look larger than it is.
A resounding one: swimsuits of very dark and smooth colors will make you
look skinny and will further enhance the visual effect of a straight silhouette.

TRIKINI, TANKINI: You want to be adventurous? Try this!

The offer in swimwear is so vast and varied that, if you get bored of the
bikinis and swimsuits of a lifetime, you can find original and fun alternatives with
which you will also be perfect on the beach: it is the case of trikinis and tankinis
The trikini is a garment that has been hitting hard for several seasons.
Aesthetically, if you are daring and one of the few lucky ones that suit you, there are
models of a thousand shapes and designs that can give you a lot of play. Of course,
be careful when you get brown and tan, which can be very "artistic."

The tankinis mix the benefits of a bikini and a swimsuit, since, at the same
time that they stylize and cover your figure, they give you the possibility to combine
and mix as you want the bottom. Also, as you feel like sunbathing, bathing, taking a
walk, you can choose to go up or down the top.
As you will see, there are options for all tastes, shapes, and colors. You just
have to know your body a little, be comfortable with it, and follow our advice to get
the perfect model. The beach is waiting for you!

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