Hello beach girls! This is the second part of the long-awaited series of ‘How to select
your ideal swimsuit or bikini,' which is supported by prestige silver jewelry manufacturer,
Hong Factory. In this series, we explore the best way to choose your swimsuit so that you can
prepare better for the beach season. In the second article, we focus on your hip, waist, and
body shape. Now, read on!

HOW ARE YOUR HIP: It’s essential to know your body well

If you have a figure closer to what is known as an "inverted triangle" (shoulders are
broader than the hips), try to focus on the bottom of your swimsuit. To do this, choose bikinis
with panties with ties, frills, fringes, whatever it takes to boost and give volume to your hips.
Similarly, prints and colors (never discreet!) Will become your best friends in this beach
Let’s go to the opposite: you have quite narrow shoulders and pronounced hips or,
which is the same, the silhouette is known as "pear type." To divert attention from the
bottom, choose a bikini that enhances your chest, and balances the volume of your hips. To
achieve this, you can combine different bikinis (using colored top parts and more striking
prints and leaving neutral colors for the bottom parts) or choose low-waisted bottoms and
dark colors, which will create the visual effect of longer legs.

LOW OR HIGH: Control you bikini positioning for a perfect look

You arrive at the beach, walk around, spreading your charm. Then nothing happens
because guys will not look at you somehow. Well, we have to fix that! Try to choose a two-
piece bikini and try to be low-waisted, as it will make you look more slender. Full-body
swimsuits are also usually a good option for these types of figures, as they stylize a lot and
make them look taller. If you find a vertical stripe model on top bingo! It is the ideal design
to lengthen your silhouette.
Needless to say, if you are very, very tall, the above tips will come as a ring to your
finger to do the opposite. Runaway from one-piece swimsuits (unless you want to show off
your height) and look for a halter neck bikini with bandeau neckline or word of honor. If you
get bored of two-piece swimsuits, try a trikini, sure that will be flattering, and you will not
fall entirely into the effect of the swimsuit.

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